Robotex provides the ideal platform to take advantage of the Industry 4.0, and unrivaled value for exhibiting companies by helping to identify new opportunities and market for their products and stay ahead of their competitors.



Meet The Right Target Audience with Quality


Malaysia will host the APEC 2020 with over 120 meetings to be held throughtout the year, this hosting is set to benefit the country including SME through the collaboration between Robotex and government agencies, the exhibitors shall enjoy the great experience to meet the right target audience under one roof.



Forge New Collaborations with Key Decision Makers


The allocation of the pre-package fund of RM 1 billion annually for 5 years to attract global market leading companies to Malaysia and to facilitate local companies investing abroad shall enable local and foreign companies to explore wider market. Through your participation at Robotex, the opportunites to forge new collaborations are much improved in addition to the fund provided.



Develop and Strengthen Your Brand In Cost-saving Way


Fully utilize the industry automation related grants or incentives provided to maximize your brand outreach.



Gain Regional Exposure Before Others


In line with the National Policy on Industry 4.0 that Malaysia is aimed to be the strategic partner for smart manufacturing and related services in Asia Pacific, maximizing your exposure to be the international visitors of Robotex prior to your peer competitors is crucial.



Bring More Inspirations to The Industry


The new inspirations are needed and are vital to drive the transformation across the sectors. Robotex provides a one-stop platform for those who share about and those who seek for ideas.



Capture The Market Opportunity


Taking the advantage of government’s promoting programmes and initiatives to capture the opportunity lies within local and regional markets.



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