The baked goods market is a new dynamic industry to Malaysia. It has seen a positive growth of baked goods due to more products are consumed during regular meal times in replace of rice or noodles, which are seen as they typical main course food in Malaysia.


As the rise of coffee culture, café, and specialty bakeries as well as the popularization of home-based bakers, the consumption of baked goods is largely increased in recent years. Hence the demand of ingredients, materials or even ready-baked goods are extended from conventional stand-alone bakeries, commercial bakeries which do mass production for retail outlets to café, specialty bakeries and home-based bakers who provides artisanal and handmade bakeries and pastries.


This year, FoodBE Malaysia has incorporated BakeTech as a main profile to correspond to the needs in the growing but challenging baked goods market of Malaysia.


It is designed as a professional platform dedicated to the industry players for an in-depth showcase to those who source for a complete range of bakery-related ingredients, supplies, systems, equipment and technology. It is aimed to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration between buyers and sellers as well.


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